Tweeting Authors

Not all authors are verified, but I trust them to be the real persons. If anyone has a reason to disagree, please let me know.

– A –

Albom, Mitch
Alender, Katie
Allende, Isabel
Ambrose, Terry
Atwood, Margaret E.

– B –

Bickmore, Barbara
Billingham, Mark
Blædel, Sara
Bow, Erin
Briggs, Jo
Briggs, Matt
Bushnell, Candace

 – C –

Cabot, Meg
Campbell, Chelsea
Cawley, Joe
Chevalier, Tracy
Child, Lee
Circle, Henry
Clare, Cassandra
Coelho, Paulo
Condie, Ally
Connolly, John
Cook, Claire
Cremer, Andrea
Cronin, Justin
Cummings, Lindsay

– D –

Dashner, James
Dawkins, Richard
Day, Ethan
deFrancis, Valentine
Desrochers, Lisa
Dessen, Sarah
Dionne, Erin
Durham, Amy
Durst, Sarah Beth

 – E –

Eden, Tigris
Essex, Karen
Evers, Shoshanna

– F –

Fawkes, Michelle
Fogtdal, Peter H.

Follett, Ken
Forman, Gayle
Fortier, Anne
Friedman, Aimee

– G –

Gaiman, Neil
Gillies, Andrea
Goolrick, Robert
Graves, Judith
Gregory, Philippa
Gregson, Julia

 – H –

Haines, Derek
Hall, Teri
Harrington, Kim
Harris, Rachel
Holder, Nancy
Huang, Q. C.
Hudson, Derick
Hudson, Tara

– J –

Jackson, A.L.
James, E.L
Jio, Sarah
Johnson, Matt
Juul, Pia

 – K –

Kaaberbøl, Lene
Kade, Stacey
Keyes, Marian
Kincy, Karen
Kling, Heidi R.
Kramer, Stacy

– L –

Laskas, Jeanne Marie
Logan, Katherine
Läckberg, Camilla

– M –

Mallory, Malia
Mansell, Jill
McBride, Kristina
McEntire, Myra
Metcalf, Dawn
Mihai, Cristian
Miller, Laura
Morgenstern, Erin
Mørk, Christian

– N –

Nordbo, Mads Peder

– O –

 Owen, Katherine

– P –

Patterson, James
Pearl, Lorraine
Pearse, Lesley
Perkins, Stephanie
Picoult, Jodi
Pinborough, Sarah
Potter, William R.
Pressey, Rose

– R –

Rosamilia, Armand
Rosnay, Tatiana de
Rowling, J.K.
Rubin, Gretchen
Rushdie, Salman
Ryan, Carrie

– S –

Schaefer, Laura
Scott, Mindi
Scottoline, Lisa
See, Lisa
Simner, Janni Lee
Sparks, Nicholas
St. Germain, Randall
Steel, Danielle
Stockett, Kathryn
Stone, Craig
Stone, Ethan
Straub, Emma
Strayed, Cheryl
Strong, Diane
Subject, Jessica E.

– T –

Tan, Amy
Tefft, Cyndi
Tippetts, Emily
Torcivia, Phil

– U –

 Unger, Lisa

– V –

Van Lowe, E.
Von Holdt, Annika

 – W –

Weiner, Jennifer
Wolf, Inger

 – Z –

Zappia, Francesca




7 thoughts on “Tweeting Authors

  1. @sarahpinborough @markbillingham @neilhimself (Neil Gaiman) @margaretatwood @andreagillies
    Sara Blædel’s Only one Life came out in the US in July. Since you already tweeted the Call me Princess give-away I guess you know that one’s already out!

    • Thank you! I’ll update the list ASAP 🙂 Yes, I know about Only one Life release in the US, and I have plans to add the Louise Rick series to the list of Danish books. If you have more info, please let me know 🙂

  2. Farewell to Freedom will be published in the US in December. Sara just got herself a UK publisher, Little, Brown, but it’s too early yet for their publishing dates to be set in stone. Besides, they’ll begin with the two already translated.

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