21st Century

Louise Rick

by Sara Blaedel

Sara Blaedel is the Queen of Crime in Denmark. Her novels are published in 17 countries and appear in 15 languages, and the film rights have been optioned. In Denmark we have 7 books in the Louise Rick series and I hope her tweet from August 21 means we have more to come: “On my way to Copenhagen police headquarter – homicide dept, more specific #lovework:-)

Louise Rick is a homicide detective and you can meet her on Sara Blædels website sarablaedel.com

  1. Grønt Støv
  2. Kald mig Prinsesse (Call me Princess)
  3. Kun et Liv (Only one Life)
  4. Aldrig mere fri (Farewell to Freedom – will be published in the US in December 2012)
  5. Hævnens Gudinde
  6. Dødsenglen
  7. De glemte Piger

Quote from Amazon.com: “Exciting and thrilling. Blaedel is at the top of her game and a star on the rise” – Camilla Läckberg, international bestselling author of The Preacher.

Department Q

by Jussi Adler-Olsen

So far Jussi has written 4 books in the Department Q-series. Number 5, Marco Effekten, will be published in Denmark December 6, 2012. English readers will have to be a little more patient to read this crime series with detective Carl Mørk. Only 2 of the books have been published in English, but I’m sure the rest will follow :-)

  1. Kvinden i buret (The Keeper of Lost Causes – NY Times bestseller)
  2. Fasandræberne (The Absent One)
  3. Flaskepost fra P
  4. Journal 64
  5. Marco Effekten

The Department Q-series will be made into movies/series with Nikolaj Lie Kaas as detective Carl Mørk. UPDATE: October 2012 they started filming “Kvinden i buret” – English title will probably be “The Keeper of lost Causes”.


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