A Christmas Romance

Times are tough for Julia Stonecypher and her family. A widow with two young daughters, Julia has struggled to keep up financially. To make matters worse, she loses her job just days before Christmas. So when Brian Harding, an upscale banker from the city, comes to collect on her outstanding bills, Julia is unable to pay. After informing her that she will lose her house, Brian takes off into the snowstorm, but doesn’t make it far. When he crashes his car and injures himself, Julia allows him into her home despite his surly attitude. But as they wait out the storm together, Brian seems to have a change of heart and it looks as though this might be a merry Christmas for Julia after all.

It has almost become a Christmas tradition for me to watch A Christmas Romance. I’ve watched it several times and I still love it. It’s one of the most romantic Christmas movies, I’ve seen. Olivia Newton-John is Julia Stonecypher and Gregory Harrison is Brian Harding. But did you know that Olivia Newton-Johns daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, is in the movie as well? I just learned that she’s Deenie Stonecypher!


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Romance

  1. Yes, I taped it as a kid when it first aired, and I still have it. It’s now on DVD. It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies ever. Chloe’s now a talented singer as well; you can get a couple of her songs on iTunes. Olivia also has another great Christmas film called “A Mom for Christmas.” Nice review of “Christmas Romance”!

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