Help me with my Christmas reading challenge!

Michelle (The True Book Addict) has invited me to her Christmas reading challenge. I think it’s a great event, that can get us into the Christmas spirit and for sure make me read books, I’ve never even considered before.

You can join the event as well and you do not have to have a blog to participate. Michelle hasn’t set up a lot of rules; the most important is to have fun and if you read only 1 Christmas book, you can still participate. Visit Michelles blog for more information and to sign up … 2012 Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge!

Now to my cry for help 🙂

On Goodreads I’ve found so many interesting Christmas reads, but apparently they haven’t been published in Denmark.

Besides some of the fairytales written by H. C. Andersen, I’ve only been able to find John Grishams Skipping Christmas with the Danish title Hjælp, det er jul.

Does any of my readers from Denmark know any Christmas books?


3 thoughts on “Help me with my Christmas reading challenge!

  1. Welcome to the challenge! I hope you can find some books that will work. I tried doing a Google search so I could try to help, but I didn’t come up with much. I know there is an author named Jan Brett who writes Christmas books, but they’re mostly children’s books. Anyway, thanks for joining me and happy reading!

    • Thank you! And thanks for taking your time to google books for me 🙂 It seems like none of Jan Bretts books are published in Danish, but I’ve found 4 books now … enough for Christmas tree level, I think 🙂 It’s John Grishams “Skipping Christmas”, David Baldaccis “The Christmas Train”, Mary Higgins Clarks “Silent Night” and a collection of Christmas crime novels written by 10 Danish authors. I’m ready now! Happy reading to you as well 🙂

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