A Christmas Romance

Times are tough for Julia Stonecypher and her family. A widow with two young daughters, Julia has struggled to keep up financially. To make matters worse, she loses her job just days before Christmas. So when Brian Harding, an upscale banker from the city, comes to collect on her outstanding bills, Julia is unable to pay. After informing her that she will lose her house, Brian takes off into the snowstorm, but doesn’t make it far. When he crashes his car and injures himself, Julia allows him into her home despite his surly attitude. But as they wait out the storm together, Brian seems to have a change of heart and it looks as though this might be a merry Christmas for Julia after all.

It has almost become a Christmas tradition for me to watch A Christmas Romance. I’ve watched it several times and I still love it. It’s one of the most romantic Christmas movies, I’ve seen. Olivia Newton-John is Julia Stonecypher and Gregory Harrison is Brian Harding. But did you know that Olivia Newton-Johns daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, is in the movie as well? I just learned that she’s Deenie Stonecypher!



Fjällbacka Murders coming soon!

I was very happy to see that Fjällbacka Murders is released in a few days!

Fjällbacka Murders is a collection of 10 new TV movies based on the characters in Camilla Läckbergs books. December 26, 2012 the first movie airs on Swedish Television. I will for sure tune in to SVT1 at 21:00.

I know Camilla Läckberg is very popular, but it does surprise me that every day people are visiting my blog in search of Camilla Läckbergs books in chronological order. And I mean it literally … EVERY DAY 🙂

Here we go; a list of Camilla Läckbergs books in the right order. Click the title to read more on Goodreads.

  1. The Ice Princess (Isprinsessen)
  2. The Preacher (Prædikanten)
  3. The Stonecutter (Stenhuggeren)
  4. The Gallows Bird (Ulykkesfuglen)
  5. The Hidden Child (Tyskerungen)
  6. The Drowning (Havfruen)
  7. Fyrvaktaren (Fyrmesteren)
  8. Änglamakerskan (Englemagersken)

I’ve written the Danish titles in parantheses.

You can also find chronological lists of Sara Blaedels Louise Rick series and Jussi Adler-Olsens Department Q series on this page.


Game of Thrones is back!

Tonight at 21:00 Game of Thrones is back on Danish TV3. It’s a rerun of season 1 and you can watch an episode every night from December 18th – 29th. If you haven’t seen the 1st season yet, I highly recommend you do … after that you’re ready for season 2 premiere on January 5th.

The TV series is based on the books written by George R.R. Martin:

  1. A Game of Thrones
  2. A Clash of Kings
  3. A Storm of Swords
  4. A Feast for Crows
  5. A Dance with Dragons
  6. The Winds of Winter
  7. A Dream of Spring

So far the first 3 of the books have been published in Denmark; Kampen om Tronen, Kongernes Kamp and En Storm af Sværd.

You can read more about this fantastic series on IMDB.
Visit the Official Website and the Danish website.

Christmas with the Kranks (movie)

Christmas with the Kranks

Storyline from IMDB: With their daughter away, her parents decide to skip Christmas altogether until she decides to come home, causing an uproar when they have to celebrate the holidays at the last minute.

This film is based on John Grishams Skipping Christmas, which I read earlier during this Christmas Challenge. I was not too fond of the book, but I must say that I love the movie. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are wonderful as Luther & Nora Krank. The movie is funny (I’ve watched it 3 times now) and I highly recommend it.

My rating: 4/5

This is a part of my Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge – Fa La La La level.

Vote for your favorite Danish author!

It’s time to find the Danes Favorite Author 2012!

The nomination took place at Book Fair 2012 in Copenhagen, where the visitors were able to nominate their personal favorite. The nominees are found and it’s time to vote.

The nominees are:

You can cast your vote now until January 15, 2013.

Follow this link to cast your vote!

You also have a chance to win a gift card from Bog & Idé – and who wouldn’t love that 🙂

Silent Night: A Christmas Suspense Story by Mary Higgins Clark

I read this book as a part of The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge.

Storyline from Goodreads: When Catherine Dornan’s husband, Tom, is diagnosed with leukemia, she and their two young sons travel with him to New York during the holiday season for a lifesaving operation. On Christmas Eve, hoping to lift the boys’ spirits, Catherine takes them to see Rockefeller Center’s famous Christmas tree; while there, seven-year-old Brian notices a woman taking his mother’s wallet. A St. Christopher medal tucked inside the wallet saved his grandfather’s life in World War II, and Brian believes with all his heart that it will protect his father now. Impulsively, Brian follows the thief into the subway, and the most dangerous adventure of his young life begins. . .

I’ve always been a fan of Mary Higgins Clark and this book didn’t disappoint me either. Especially the last 50 pages, I had a hard time putting the book down.

My rating: 3/5

Bitre Mandler – Danish Christmas stories!

This book is a collection of short Christmas stories written by Danish crime writers. The title, Bitre Mandler, means Bitter Almonds.

My 2 star rating is an average, which is not quite fair, since I liked some of the stories and others were a waste of time.

I give 3 stars to the only 2 novels in this book that made me hold my breath and think OMG!:
Når krisen kradser by Gretelise Holm
Højt fra træets grønne top by Elsebeth Egholm

2 stars to:
Mor har det ikke så godt by Anna Grue
Julekort fra fortiden by Leif Davidsen
Sidste jul for genboen by Lotte & Søren Hammer
Juletestamentet by Inger Wolf
Julemandssæson by Mikkel Birkegaard
Julemandens overraskelse by Anders Bodelsen

And finally 1 star to:
White Christmas by Dan Turèll
Livets gave by Liv Mørk

My rating: 2/5